Experts at the Service
of Your Customers

HelpForShopping is a Live-Chat service that helps
you assist your users during their purchases on your website


The Visitor at the Center of Everything

Your users no longer have to search for the information they need to choose the product that satisfies them the most. Thanks to HelpForShopping, like in a physical store, you can have each visitor served and assisted by a specific expert based on the product or service category desired by the visitor.

Multiplatform support

HelpForShopping adapts to assist your customers from any platform they navigate

Performance monitoring

Thanks to the dedicated control panel, you can monitor the performance of the service

Advanced marketing

Knowing your customers, experts can propose what interests them the most and increase your sales


A satisfied visitor not only has a greater chance of making a purchase but also of returning to do so

Much More Than a Live Chat

HelpForShopping revolutionizes the way you assist your users online thanks to a special element, our Experts, people who are passionate about exactly what they your users are searching on your site

All the Advantages of Live Chat

Increase your sales by providing your customers with a personalized and tailored assistance service for their needs

Selected Experts

Improve their performance, the more likely they are to be chosen to answer your customers

Scalable System

More requests, more active experts! Maintain the same performance even during peak hours on your site

Easy to install

A few minutes are enough to start harnessing the potential of our experts

Choose Your Pricing Model

You can choose to pay for chat or for actual conversion. Explore the different possibilities

Live Chat - A More Personal Relationship with the Customer

A customer served via live chat has up to 10 times more chances to make a purchase on your store than the average of your visitors and purchases for an average cart value of over 30% higher

Selected Experts

Our experts are passionate about electronics, fashion, design, sports, and much more, and their enthusiasm is contagious! Our system dynamically selects the expert best suited to answer your customers' questions.

This is why HelpForShopping experts are the best possible choice to increase your sales performance.

expert 1

Enrico - Headphones and Earphones Enthusiast

expert 2

Camilla - Professional Photographer

Active 24/7

HelpForShopping experts can be active at any time of the day, including at night, on weekdays, and on weekends, just like your customers.

Increase the number of assistance requests served and therefore your sales

Scalable System

The number of consultants active on your site increases with the number of chat requests from your visitors. This way, you can manage peak hour traffic while keeping it light during off-peak hours.

Easy to Install

HelpForShopping is compatible with major e-commerce engines and can be easily and quickly installed on a custom-made site.

A few simple steps, and our experts can start helping your customers quickly find their ideal products.

Versatile Pricing

HelpForShopping is a service that you can shape according to your needs, even in terms of price.

Fixed costs are minimal, and if you wish, you can pay almost exclusively based on the commission on the sale, or according to the number of chats served by HelpForShopping experts when none of your agents is online.

Revolutionize the Way of Shopping Online with Us

Questions or doubts? We are here to answer you and help you understand how HelpForShopping can help you improve the performance of your online store. Write to us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible