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Improve your sales performance by helping
users find the most suitable product for them
through our community of experts

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Easy to install on your website, connects HelpForShopping experts with visitors

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Help visitors choose products that best meet their needs

Increase Conversions

A visitor assisted by HelpForShopping experts is more likely to make a purchase and, on average, in larger quantities than a random visitor

Reduce Returns

An informed buyer chooses more wisely, increasing product satisfaction and decreasing returns caused by second thoughts



Installable as a simple plug-in, allows HelpForShopping experts to assist potential customers of the e-commerce site directly and personally


An elaborate matching system finds the most suitable expert to assist the user when a question is asked


Experts can also take initiative and offer their help to the user discreetly. The widget is only a support to the e-commerce user experience, never invasive

Selected Experts

Our Experts are passionate about HIFI, DIY, Photography, Sports, and much more. With their experience, they can guide users in choosing the right product for them.

Anyone can sign up as an expert. After an initial evaluation, if suitable, the system proposes them to answer users' questions. The feedback system available to experts and buyers allows constant refinement of the matching system between expert and buyer.

expert 1

Enrico - Headphones and Earphones Enthusiast

expert 2

Camilla - Professional Photographer

Increase Conversion Rate

HelpForShopping's goal is to break down the barriers between the user and their desired object.

Indecision, questions and doubts can discourage a purchase and lead to a missed opportunity to turn a visitor into a customer.

Reduce Returns

Greater awareness of what is being purchased and greater satisfaction with the product result in a reduction in returns.

HelpForShopping allows e-commerce to reduce the cost associated with returning a perfectly functional but unsuitable product. To the benefit of stores, users, and the environment.

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