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Respond to help requests from people looking for information, advice on what to buy, or even just an expert's opinion.

You can earn money for each chat or for each successful purchase made based on your advice.

Anyone can be an expert

With your passion and experience, you can help many users choose the product that best suits their needs.

The more people you help, the more money you receive

The better you are at helping others, the more likely they are to make purchases, increasing your earnings.

No time and no limit

You can use HelpForShopping wherever and whenever you want: day or night, at home or while traveling

Fun and easy to use

Connect to your account and start receiving help requests, respond, suggest, and earn.

Become an Expert with HelpForShopping

Is there something you're passionate about? Your experience is valuable: in every online store, there's always someone who may need you!

Assist users with enthusiasm, share your passion with them, and answer their questions with your knowledge. They will be grateful and more confident in their choice when they purchase a product.

Sign up as an expert, indicate the product categories you want to help with, and start earning.

The More You Help, the More You Earn

HelpForShopping allows you to earn by sharing what you know about different product categories with people looking for your advice. The better your advice, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Every sale made by an online store based on your recommendation entitles you to a share of the revenue.

For some stores, you can also earn for each chat completed, regardless of whether the user makes a purchase.

You Can Help Whenever and Wherever You Want

Decide how much time to dedicate to consulting; you can do it while traveling, in your free time, or regularly.

Stay connected as much as you want and from wherever you want; at any time, there may be a user to help and an opportunity to earn.

The more time you dedicate to HelpForShopping, the greater the benefits you can obtain within the platform.

Start Now, Here's How

HelpForShopping is easy to use, just like a chat!

To get started, register and select the topics you have experience in; HelpForShopping will automatically connect you with users who may need your help.

When you log out of your HelpForShopping account, you won't receive any more requests until you log in again.

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